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We are grateful to have you as a member of our newsletter community! As a little "thank you," we're offering early access and pricing for our new Unhindered Clinical Instrument. Use the code 'BRM23' to receive this exclusive offer of $129 (normally $349).

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Early Access Beta

A new tool to help you uncover your emotional and spiritual health​

Leader, you are who we had in mind when creating the Unhindered Clinical Instrument. We are still in the norming stage and plan to have a full launch early in 2024. In the meantime, as a newsletter subscriber, we want to provide you with early access to the instrument at a discounted rate.

A Detailed Look

What's Included in the Unhindered Clinical Instrument Beta?

Early access includes a deep-dive assessment of your spiritual and emotional health, a personalized report offering valuable insights, expert interpretation by certified debriefers, and actionable recommendations for growth.


How It Works


Purchase and Take the Assessment

Begin your journey by purchasing the Unhindered Clinical Instrument at the exclusive price of $129 (normally $349). Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll gain immediate access to the assessment.


Schedule and Meet with Your Personal Debriefer

After completing the assessment, it’s time to gain deeper insights. Schedule a one-on-one session with your dedicated Debreiefer, a certified expert in interpreting your assessment results. During this session, you’ll explore the nuances of your assessment, discuss your unique strengths, and identify areas for growth.


Transform Your Life and Live Unhindered

With newfound insights and guidance from your Debreiefer, you’re equipped to embark on a transformative journey. Implement actionable recommendations tailored to your needs, leverage your strengths, and work on areas for improvement.

$230 Off The Uhindered Clinical Instrument for Subscribers

Seize this limited-time offer, exclusively for newsletter subscribers! Purchase the Unhindered Clinical Instrument (Beta) and save $230, paying only $129 (regular price of $349).


Let's close the gap from the life you are living right now and the abundant life God intends.​

Coaching Options

Individual Coaching​

These virtual sessions bring expertise, accountability, and consistency to your personal and professional journey. Most coaching sessions are 2-4 times per month and last for 50 minutes.

Intensive Coaching

You will travel to sunny Florida for a 3 day intensive coaching experience. If you are in a place where you feel stuck or are dealing with a life-changing struggle, this is a great option to get away and receive focused hours of coaching with time to reflect and heal.

Group Coaching

Whether you want to meet with your existing team or with others in similar roles outside of your immediate community, group coaching provides virtual sessions so individuals can share and grow together. Meetings are usually every other week for 60-90 minutes with no more than 6 members.

Restoration Teams

Designed to help a leader recover from crisis or moral failure. We surround the leader with a team, led by a BRM Professional Coach, that provides accountability, encouragement, and expertise to help them move through a thorough and robust restoration process. 

How we help

Discover the Advantages of Coaching

Become a more effective leader

Proven strategies to strengthen your leadership so that you and those around you are stronger and more effective.

Gain clarity in your calling

Learn how to determine next steps when you face situations that have no clear direction.

Discover the source of your genius

Your journey with Blessing Ranch will help you be a healthier, more effective leader for years to come.


Real Stories from Real People

"The likelihood you'll make it in ministry for 20-30 years without doing the deeper heartwork is very slim."

Blessing Ranch has "helped thousands of people, including me, learn how to reframe our lives in healthy ways that honor God and others. Here, they pull the curtain back and reveal their learnings about how we can allow God to rewrite our story with faith and confidence."

Jud Wilhite

Lead Pastor, Central Church, Las Vegas

"Anyone who is done settling for less than God's dream for them will be masterfully helped."

"Discover unexpected freedom, connect deeply with others, and create fresh space and intimacy with God as He writes a better story. I am, once again, forever grateful for the help found here."

Nate Ross

It’s time to make your mental & emotional health a priority

Whether you are experiencing a crisis, walking through a transition, or looking for your next step, we can help with your journey forward.