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For Teams

Staff Experience

Whether your team is in crisis mode, in the middle of a transition, or seeking preventative care, we believe this pathway to spiritual & emotional health will benefit your team, your church, and your community.

13 Sessions

7 leader-focused video sessions taught by Dr. Charity Byers


6-Week Leader Preparation Course for one of your team members to give the expertise needed to guide your team through the Staff Experience at your location


Weekly individual reading plans and reflections using the Unhindered: Thirty Days resource by Dr. Byers & Dr. Walker

*Up to 10 books included with registration

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What's Included

Staff Experience offers your team access to our proven Unhindered model and walks each team member through the process of unhindering hearts, unhindering lives, and unhindering leadership by offering the following:

  • 7 leader-focused video sessions taught by Dr. Charity Byers
  • Weekly individual reading plans and reflections using the Unhindered: Thirty Days resource by Dr. Byers & Dr. Walker
  • Preparation Course led by Blessing Ranch Ministries staff to prepare your designated Staff Experience Leader and give the expertise needed to guide your team through the Staff Experience at your location (The preparation course is a 6-week virtual class.)
  • Opportunity for you to send additional Staff Experience Leaders to take the Preparation Course so you will have multiple leaders on-site to help guide your team during and after the Staff Experience
  • Consistent team meetings scheduled according to your church’s calendar and led by your on-site Staff Experience Leader where staff will learn together & discuss the material encouraging an even deeper impact
  • Meetings between your church’s Staff Experience Leader and a Blessing Ranch staff member to ask questions, get answers, and touch base on your progress
  • Up to 10 Unhindered: Thirty Days books with registration and discount purchasing options for additional copies

The Unhindered Life

Continuing the Tradition

In the early nineties, Dr. John Walker was clearly called by God to establish Blessing Ranch Ministries, a Christian Leader resource and renewal center. Since that time, Blessing Ranch has fulfilled its mission to restore and renew Christian leaders for effective Kingdom service through professional Intensive Counseling services. The goal has always been to help leaders live well, lead well, and finish well, and as a result, the ministry quickly became highly sought after. In 2011, Dr. Charity Byers, daughter of Dr. Walker, joined the team as a psychologist. Dr. Byers was named CEO in 2017 and actively leads the ministry since Dr. Walker’s retirement.

After using The Unhindered Model of transformation for over 25 years with thousands of Christian leaders, Dr. Walker and Dr. Byers shared their knowledge and expertise through their book, Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart. The release of the book in 2020 catalyzed a growing desire to multiply the reach of Blessing Ranch Ministries and bring transformation to Kingdom-minded churches and organizations in more accessible ways. Where the Intensive Counseling has always focused on renewal for leaders, The Unhindered Life initiative was born to resource leaders and further fulfill Dr. Walker’s original call.


The Staff Experience is designed to be facilitated by a Leader from your team who has been trained by The Unhindered Life. While Staff Experience Leaders are equipped to effectively facilitate and guide this process, their services are not a substitute for professional counseling, therapy, or coaching. The Unhindered Life has professional resources available for the personal care that is needed beyond this experience.