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For Individuals & Groups

Unhindered Coaching

Individual and Group Coaching sessions are for any Christian Leader who is ready to take more courageous action and work toward deeper spiritual, personal, and professional goals through regular virtual sessions led by a trained Unhindered Coach.

Unhindered Coaching

Our Coaches are passionate about stepping in and showing up for you.

Unhindered Coaching is an intentional relationship between a trained Blessing Ranch Ministries Coach and a client designed to tap into your full God-given potential. Many of today’s leading Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs are engaging in the services of a Coach to bring expertise, accountability, and consistency to their personal and professional journeys.

Whether you are preparing for or coming out of Intensive Counseling with Dr. Byers or just need someone to help you take the next step, our Coaches are passionate about stepping in and showing up for you.


What To Expect

Here is what you can expect during your Private Coaching Sessions:

Much like Intensive Counseling, our Individual & Group Coaching sessions will bring discovery and action, Biblical truth, and privacy to each session.


Our Coaches have been trained in the Unhindered model of Blessing Ranch Ministries.  Coaches work closely with Dr. Byers and know how to help guide you through the painful parts of your story and provide the emotional and spiritual growth steps you desire in your heart, life, and relationships. Their expertise will leave you challenged and uplifted.


Accountability is a huge component to your success in the work you set out to accomplish. Having someone outside of your sphere of influence will allow you to take a more honest, vulnerable look at the growth you desire. Our Coaches are trained to help you set manageable goals in order to achieve that growth with the goal of becoming naturally motivated.


Consistency is a major component in any area of life where you desire healing, freedom, or growth. Regular, consistent, scheduled calls with your Coach will allow you to build relationship and trust as you continue the work you have already begun. These calls normally last a half-hour to an hour, and we believe you will look forward to and benefit from each session.