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Sometimes, we are so busy living and leading that we haven’t actually taken time to imagine how we will finish. 

Can I offer you a challenging thought?  

If you deny yourself the time to get curious and don’t make the time to challenge your normal, you put yourself at great risk in the end. A risk of what?

Along the way, God will present moments that deserve our curiosity because He wants to rewrite our normal.

As a leader, you might have found yourself being tempted to choose what was easy over what you knew was right, wanting to surround yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear over what you need to hear, or instinctually trying to rationalize an addiction to porn, alcohol, prescription meds, or other willful sin because the solution to getting out was too hard. These are the kinds of moments that can incrementally change what our finish line will looks like one day if we don’t pay attention.

But if we’ll tune in to that little check of our spirit or stop and simply ask “Why am I doing this?,” these moments can lead us to transformational self-evaluation and repentance, just the way God intended. They have the power to snap us out of self-resignation and self-justification showing us there is another way…a better way. 

Praying for your ministry & leadership,

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