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Up to 8 sessions of individual coaching for SOFLO participants

Do you need someone to tell the full, unedited truth to that is outside your everyday ministry circle? Do you need someone to keep you going in the right direction when you feel like taking shortcuts? Do you need assurance that you are taking the steps needed to keep yourself from burning out? Coaching will help you develop a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and triggers. This self-awareness is invaluable for improving relationships with others, leading more effectively, overcoming hindrances that create unwanted life outcomes, and helping you finish well.

Coaching could be a great fit if you’re ready to:​

In your inquiry, mention SOFLO Church to meet with a coach for up to 8 sessions.

How we help

Discover the Advantages of Coaching

Become a more effective leader

Proven strategies to strengthen your leadership so that you and those around you are stronger and more effective.

Gain clarity in your calling

Learn how to determine next steps when you face situations that have no clear direction.

Discover the source of your genius

Your journey with Blessing Ranch will help you be a healthier, more effective leader for years to come.

Unhindered Clinical Instrument

A new tool to help you uncover your emotional and spiritual health​

Our “Unhindered Clinical Instrument” is a tool developed to help you uncover your emotional and spiritual health and lead you toward personal transformation. The UCI is meant to provide valuable personal insights about the story of your heart, help you concretely see how you are most likely showing up in life and leadership, and give you next steps in your transformational journey.

Use code BRM23 to purchase the UCI at a discounted price of $129. The special pricing will give you four things:

Unhindered Clinical Instrument

How The UCI Works


Purchase and Take the Assessment

Begin your journey by purchasing the Unhindered Clinical Instrument at the exclusive price of $129 (normally $349). Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll gain immediate access to the assessment.


Schedule and Meet with Your Personal Debriefer

After completing the assessment, it’s time to gain deeper insights. Schedule a one-on-one session with your dedicated Debreiefer, a certified expert in interpreting your assessment results. During this session, you’ll explore the nuances of your assessment, discuss your unique strengths, and identify areas for growth.


Transform Your Life and Live Unhindered

With newfound insights and guidance from your Debreiefer, you’re equipped to embark on a transformative journey. Implement actionable recommendations tailored to your needs, leverage your strengths, and work on areas for improvement.

$230 Off The Uhindered Clinical Instrument for SOFLO Participants


Books, Articles, Podcasts, and More


Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart

God's desire is to align your heart with the incredible, unhindered life that He crafted specifically for you! This isn't about trying harder or being better–it's about surrendering your story to God and allowing Him to edit it according to His perfect will."


Unhindered Thirty Days: Discover Healing, Freedom, & Power Within​

Does it seem that there is a gap between the life you are living right now and the abundant life - free and light - that you read about in scripture? Could it be that this gap was created by your past, which has unknowingly written something on your heart that doesn’t align with God’s intentions for you?

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Navigating Pressure and Anxiety in Ministry

Serving in ministry is challenging. You don't have to try to navigate all the pressure and anxiety without resources.

Dr. Charity Byers talks with Kasey Husen about how you can tell the difference between healthy challenges and toxic stressful situations in ministry. Learn when and how to take a break and honor your limitations.

Spire Network


Indications Your Staff Needs Support with Dr. Charity Byers

​​When your staff breaks down, it is painful for everyone. Dr. Charity Byers joins Spirecast to help you advance the staff care in your church. You will see it can be as simple as asking 4 questions regularly to the people you lead.

Spire Network

It’s time to make your mental & emotional health a priority

Whether you are experiencing a crisis, walking through a transition, or looking for your next step, we can help with your journey forward.

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