Intensive Counseling

Intensive Counseling is for pastors & Christian leaders who need to finish well, transition, heal, surrender, or find a healthy rhythm. Intensives are in-person, private sessions over the course of five days provided by either Dr. Charity Byers or Dr. Brian Stone.

About Counseling

Leader care for crisis, transition, or your next step.

Whether you are experiencing a crisis, walking through a transition, or looking for your next step, we can help with your journey forward.

What to expect

In-person, private sessions.

Our Intensive Counseling with Dr. Charity Byers is offered at our office located in Lutz, FL. Dr. Brian Stone now holds Intensive sessions in Kalamazoo, MI as well as at our office in Lutz, FL. All sessions are private and may be conducted either individually or as a couple.

A typical timeline of a week of intensive counseling.

When not in session or engaged in guided assignments, guests often enjoy spending time in quiet reflection or exploring local attractions. This free time allows guests a chance not only to take in the beauty of the area, but also a time for critical reflection on the day’s sessions.

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You will arrive and settle into your hotel on Sunday. A five-night hotel stay is included in the charge for the weeklong intensive (Sunday check in, to Friday check out). We will reserve a stay at a local hotel on your behalf. However, if you would prefer to stay elsewhere, we will subtract the lodging cost from our fee.

Each day, guests meet privately for several hours with their Intensive Provider with the goal of creating transformation in their lives. In between sessions, guests complete guided assignments that help them think, reflect, write, and study in ways that further healing and growth. Breakfast is included with your hotel stay. Both lunch and dinner are on your own.

Guests depart with renewed minds, hearts, and spirits for their families, for their ministries, and for Kingdom service. Many guests choose to extend their stay after the Intensive Counseling experience in order to have added time for reflection and refreshment before heading home.

Evenings are a great time for guests to leisurely explore parks and nature preserves, try local restaurants, and enjoy nearby city accommodations.

What To Expect

Tailored solutions to help you live well, lead well, and finish well.

Discovery & Action

Our Intensive Counseling is aptly named with most guests spending several hours daily of their week with their Intensive Provider. Dr. Byers and Dr. Stone work with their guests to create goals and a plan to address discovered issues and enable long-term gains. Each guest’s experience is uniquely tailored to his or her unique story and needs. At the completion of the week, guests feel they have been understood and have gained insights and plans that will impact their lives and ministries forever.

Biblical Truth

Intensive Counseling at Blessing Ranch will always integrate and blend the best of Psychology with God’s Word and Truth in ways that prioritize God’s Word and His will for Christian Leaders. We believe that God knows the minds and hearts of those He created and wants His Word to bring freedom and healing to your life.

Safety & Privacy

We value the story and privacy of each Leader. Your time with us is held in strict confidence. Intensive Counseling has tremendous potential for life-changing healing and freedom, but we leave sharing with others about our time together up to you. Spouses and families may attend Intensive Counseling sessions together on site

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the beginning, BRM has been providing professional Intensive Counseling to Christian leaders. Our mission has helped thousands of worldwide Christian leaders live well, lead well and finish well.

Have questions about counseling?

Absolutely! Everything you share with Blessing Ranch staff members remains confidential. It’s our honor to be a place outside of your everyday circle where you can be fully transparent, relax, and receive objective input. We will only communicate with someone outside of Blessing Ranch Ministries (e.g., a pastor or elder at your church, a local counselor you’ve worked with) if you legally authorize us to do so. We take that commitment seriously and care about honoring you and your story! 

Blessing Ranch Ministries exclusively provides counseling in the Intensive format. If you are looking for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly support, we have Professional Coaches on staff that offer this support virtually through our Ongoing Coaching service. Ongoing Coaching can be conducted individually or as a couple.

Due to our individualized Intensive Counseling model, reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and our openings are often filled months in advance. To hear our current availability, complete the inquiry form on our website or call 970-495-0920 and our administrator will reach out within approximately 48 hours.

We believe that an Intensive Counseling or Coaching experience can change your life! But we also know the work isn’t over after the foundational few days we spend together.

We want to stay engaged with you and walk with you through your next steps of growth or healing. We offer several services that can help you take the next step up, stay accountable, help you overcome barriers that lie ahead, or give you the community you need to be successful in the long run. A Blessing Ranch staff member will contact you in the weeks following your Intensive experience to talk with you about your next step.

Perhaps working one-on-one with a Professional Coach to create follow through, help you transition what you’ve learned into everyday life, and offer accountability will be the right step for you. Perhaps getting more of your team involved in transformational work through exploring our Team Care services will be the next step to take. Maybe you need a Restoration Team to surround you after a crisis to help you recover and reorient yourself in life. Our team is ready to walk with you on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways to make sure that you keep building upon the life-changing work God does through your Intensive experience.

Please call us at 970-495-0920 to hear our rates for the program you are interested in. We do not accept insurance. If financial assistance is needed, we encourage you to seek financial support from the church or organization you are employed by or associated with if needed.


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