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Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart

God's desire is to align your heart with the incredible, unhindered life that He crafted specifically for you! This isn't about trying harder or being better–it's about surrendering your story to God and allowing Him to edit it according to His perfect will."


Unhindered Thirty Days: Discover Healing, Freedom, & Power Within​

Does it seem that there is a gap between the life you are living right now and the abundant life - free and light - that you read about in scripture? Could it be that this gap was created by your past, which has unknowingly written something on your heart that doesn’t align with God’s intentions for you?


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These virtual sessions bring expertise, accountability, and consistency to your personal and professional journey. Most coaching sessions are 2-4 times per month and last for 50 minutes.

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You will travel to sunny Florida for a 3 day intensive coaching experience. If you are in a place where you feel stuck or are dealing with a life-changing struggle, this is a great option to get away and receive focused hours of coaching with time to reflect and heal.

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Whether you want to meet with your existing team or with others in similar roles outside of your immediate community, group coaching provides virtual sessions so individuals can share and grow together. Meetings are usually every other week for 60-90 minutes with no more than 6 members.

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Navigating Pressure and Anxiety in Ministry

Serving in ministry is challenging. You don't have to try to navigate all the pressure and anxiety without resources.

Dr. Charity Byers talks with Kasey Husen about how you can tell the difference between healthy challenges and toxic stressful situations in ministry. Learn when and how to take a break and honor your limitations.

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Indications Your Staff Needs Support with Dr. Charity Byers

​​When your staff breaks down, it is painful for everyone. Dr. Charity Byers joins Spirecast to help you advance the staff care in your church. You will see it can be as simple as asking 4 questions regularly to the people you lead.

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