The innovator in ministry leader care.

Since the beginning, Blessing Ranch Ministries has provided professional Intensive Counseling to Christian leaders. Our mission has helped thousands of worldwide Christian leaders live well, lead well and finish well.

Our mission

To restore, renew, and equip Christian leaders for effective kingdom service.

We provide counseling and coaching services for pastors and Ministry leaders just like you to live well, lead well, and finish well – all while bringing more freedom, healing, and power to your life and leadership.

Our history

25+ years & 4000+ Christian leaders served.

Since 1996, Blessing Ranch Ministries has been serving Christian leaders. Thousands of leaders have been encouraged and counseled to unhinder their lives and leadership.

What makes us different

We take a different approach.

Psychology + Theology

At BRM, we uniquely Integrate and blend the best of Psychology with God’s Word. We are committed to prioritizing God’s Word and His will as we serve Christian leaders and help them move forward.

Trained Experts

Our team includes two Intensive Providers as well as Professional Coaches who understand ministry and are equipped to expertly guide you. We hold a high standard of excellence for the care provided.

Unhindered Methodology

Hebrews 12:1 tells us to throw off everything that hinders. BRM’s Unhindered Model provides a clear pathway for you to understand and then transform your heart to a healthier state of life and leadership.

Our values

In short, we are passionate about helping pastors and Christian leaders so they can bless others.

We believe when leaders are healthy, their organizations and communities are healthy. BRM helps leaders personally experience and apply the message and applications they teach so often to others.

Biblical foundation on God’s Word with a Kingdom focus that brings transformation.

Spiritual surrender to God as our Senior Partner, prioritizing prayer and submission to His direction.

Expert leader care with authenticity, confidentiality, honor, and respect through every interaction.

Continued commitment to the ongoing pursuit of emotional and spiritual health.

Who we are

Meet the team.

CEO & Intensive Provider

Dr. Charity Byers

Dr. Byers serves as our Chief Executive Officer and one of our Intensive Providers. She loves continuing the mission that began with her father, Dr. John Walker, to help Christian leaders live well, lead well, and finish well.

Dr. Byers’ educational degrees include a B.A. in Clinical Counseling and School Psychology from Western State College of Colorado, an M.A. in General Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. She is co-author of the books Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart and Unhindered 30 Days: Discover Healing, Freedom, and Power Within.

Charity is married to her husband, Todd, and they have a young son. They enjoy boating, traveling, hanging out with friends and family, and being outdoors as often as possible.

Executive Director & Intensive Provider

Dr. Brian Stone

Dr. Stone serves as our Executive Director and one of our Intensive Providers. As a former Lead Pastor, he understands the heart of ministry leaders and knows firsthand the power that comes through transformational partnership with God.

Dr. Stone’s educational degrees includes a MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as well as a DMin in Christ Centered Counseling from the Trinity Seminary. He is also a trained ministry leadership coach, a trained Faithwalking coach, and a Gottman Relationship Method Level 2 provider.

Brian is married to his high school sweetheart, Cathy, and they have three grown children. They are Wisconsin natives living in Michigan. They enjoy working with couples together, traveling, camping, reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.


Dr. John Walker

Dr. Walker is the Founder of Blessing Ranch Ministries. He is retired from providing Intensive Counseling services, yet he remains a valuable advisor to the Blessing Ranch Ministries team. He is recognized internationally as an expert in the emotional, spiritual, and professional development of Christian leaders.

Dr. Walker used his expertise as a licensed Psychologist and as an ordained Pastor to successfully serve over 4,000 Christian leaders since founding Blessing Ranch Ministries in 1996. His educational degrees include a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Lincoln Christian College, an M.A. in Psychology and Religion from Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University. He is co-author of the books Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart and Unhindered 30 Days: Discover Healing, Freedom, and Power Within.

Matthew Brown

Professional Coach & Engagement Coordinator

Hannah Lockaby

Professional Coach & Creative Coordinator

Brandi Wilson

Professional Coach

Kaitlyn Lehman

Communications & Business Coordinator

Christie Lauscher

Office Administrator

Hope Karabensh

Our process

How it works.

1. Find The Right Option For You

Whether you prefer an individualized, group, or team experience, we have an option to help you meet your goals and live unhindered.

2. Begin The Journey

Once we know how you would like to start, we will help you begin the work of unhindering your heart through regular in-person or virtual meeting times that work with your schedule.

3. Live Unhindered​​

By engaging disciplines, tools, and support using BRM’s unhindered model, you apply healthy changes that take root in daily life and continue to guide you on your journey to live well, lead well, and finish well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since the beginning, BRM has been providing professional Intensive Counseling to Christian leaders. Our mission has helped thousands of worldwide Christian leaders live well, lead well and finish well.

The name Blessing Ranch came from two sources. “Blessing” originated with the Old Testament concept of the blessing that seemed fitting to describe the intended impact of our ministry. “Ranch” was fitting to the 166 acre property in northern Colorado that served as our home from its origin in 1994 until 2014. While our ministry began on a ranch in Colorado, we are currently in an office location in Lutz, FL. While the setting has changed, the care we provide has not.

Absolutely! Everything you share with Blessing Ranch staff members remains confidential. It’s our honor to be a place outside of your everyday circle where you can be fully transparent, relax, and receive objective input. We will only communicate with someone outside of Blessing Ranch Ministries (e.g., a pastor or elder at your church, a local counselor you’ve worked with) if you legally authorize us to do so. We take that commitment seriously and care about honoring you and your story!

Please call us at 970-495-0920 to hear our rates for the program you are interested in. We do not accept insurance. If financial assistance is needed, we encourage you to: 1) seek financial support from the church or organization you are employed by or associated with if needed or 2) apply to Full Strength Network (https://fullstrength.org/) to receive financial assistance with counseling and coaching. Let Full Strength know you’d like to work with Blessing Ranch Ministries and they will connect you to us for services.

We offer several written resources that will help you dive deeply into healing and growth. These materials will walk you through a step-by-step pathway of developing self-understanding, identifying roots, inviting God to transform you, and equipping you with tools to lead you forward.

Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart

Unhindered Thirty Days: Discovering Healing, Power, and Freedom Within