Effective Counseling & Coaching To Help Ministry Leaders Live, Lead, and Finish Well

For over 25 years, Blessing Ranch Ministries has been providing expert and professional care to ministry leaders around the world.

Did you know?

Your success in leadership is directly tied to your own spiritual and emotional health.

We believe when leaders are healthy, their organizations and communities are healthy. Whether you are experiencing a crisis, walking through a transition, or looking for your next step, we can help with your journey forward.


We minister to the minister.

Who takes care of the pastor? Who encourages and builds up the leader? We’re here to care for you as the leader, to keep you healthy, living abundantly, and empowered to lead in the role you’ve been given to play in God’s kingdom.

How we help

Discover the advantages of Counseling & Coaching.

Become a more effective leader

Proven strategies to strengthen your leadership so that you and those around you are stronger and more effective.

Gain clarity in your calling

Learn how to determine next steps when you face situations that have no clear direction.

Discover the source of your genius

Your journey with Blessing Ranch will help you be a healthier, more effective leader for years to come.


How It Works.

1. Find The Right Option

Whether you prefer an individualized, group, or team experience, we have an option to help you meet your goals.

Not sure what you need?​

2. Begin The Journey​​

Once we know how you would like to start, we will help you begin the work of unhindering your heart through regular in-person or virtual meeting times that work with your schedule.

3. Live Unhindered​

By engaging disciplines, tools, and support using BRM’s unhindered model, you apply healthy changes that take root in daily life and continue to guide you on your journey to live well, lead well, and finish well.

It’s time to make your mental & emotional health a priority.

Whether you are experiencing a crisis, walking through a transition, or looking for your next step, we can help with your journey forward.


Real Stories from Real People.

"The likelihood you'll make it in ministry for 20-30 years without doing the deeper heartwork is very slim."

Blessing Ranch has "helped thousands of people, including me, learn how to reframe our lives in healthy ways that honor God and others. Here, they pull the curtain back and reveal their learnings about how we can allow God to rewrite our story with faith and confidence."

Jud Wilhite

Lead Pastor, Central Church, Las Vegas

"Anyone who is done settling for less than God's dream for them will be masterfully helped."

"Discover unexpected freedom, connect deeply with others, and create fresh space and intimacy with God as He writes a better story. I am, once again, forever grateful for the help found here."

Nate Ross


Get a free chapter of Unhindered: Aligning The Story of Your Heart​

The story of your heart has been edited and influenced by a myriad of sources. Some of these influences – maybe family, friends, or loved ones – have helped write a story that’s in line with the unhindered life God has for you. Others have taken up the pen and added negative influences: pain, fear, doubt, bitterness, and resentment. Learn how to unhinder your heart so that you can truly fulfill the purpose God designed for you.​