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Help your team live, lead, and finish well.

Whether your team is in crisis mode, in the middle of a transition, or seeking preventative care, we believe this pathway to spiritual & emotional health will benefit your team, your church, and your community.

Group Options

Whether you’re a new church plant or large organization, we can help.

Group Coaching

Whether you want to meet with your existing team or with others in similar roles outside of your immediate community, group coaching provides virtual sessions so individuals can share and grow together. Meetings are usually every other week for 60-90 minutes with no more than 6 members.


These multi-day experiences are held on-site in various locations around the country. Each retreat has a focus such as marriage or leadership and is led by BRM Counselors and Professional Coaches. Dates and themes are promoted by BRM for individuals and teams to plan and register.

Staff Experiences

Tailored specifically for staff teams, Staff Experience uses the Unhindered model to make unity and health a team priority. Although the Staff Experience works best in a retreat style over multiple days, there is flexibility for additional implementations.

House Calls

If your team needs help working through a specific issue, a House Call will provide a multi-day focused time with a BRM Counselor or Professional Coach at your location. Your team will experience a tailored approach to process the needs at hand and begin moving forward.


Spiritual & emotional health that will benefit your team, your ministry, and your community.

Greater Retention

When staff members feel that they are part of something purposeful and healthy, they are much more likely to do their best work and stay longer.

Greater Unity

Isn’t it great when everyone gets along? But the reality is that people do not always agree. Learning how to stay unified in various situations is possible for your team.

Greater Impact

A healthy ministry means a greater impact for the Kingdom. And, you and your leaders have the greatest impact when you are healthy and working together.

Burnout & Turnover

"One of the greatest gifts you can give your staff."

“It could simply be the tool and the resource that god uses to help many of your staff lean in in this next season for where he’s calling you to go.”

Jud Wilhite

Lead Pastor, Central Church, Las Vegas


Real Stories from Real People.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the beginning, BRM has been providing professional Intensive Counseling to Christian leaders. Our mission has helped thousands of worldwide Christian leaders live well, lead well and finish well.

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You can invest in your team’s emotional and spiritual health by creating a culture of care and a rhythm of engagement that promotes a strong team culture, encourages staff retention, and heightens the overall impact your team makes. The return of a healthy team will be greater than the financial investment you make. If you stay on top of emotional and spiritual health with your team, you can prevent things like crises, burnout, and undealt-with conflict from robbing your team of excellence and longevity. We want all leaders to finish well!

The name Blessing Ranch came from two sources. “Blessing” originated with the Old Testament concept of the blessing that seemed fitting to describe the intended impact of our ministry. “Ranch” was fitting to the 166 acre property in northern Colorado that served as our home from its origin in 1994 until 2014. While our ministry began on a ranch in Colorado, we are currently in an office location in Lutz, FL. While the setting has changed, the care we provide has not.

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