Are you and your team fully into your church calendar and the good busyness of life-giving ministry? A lot has gone into what you are doing and why. After all, running with perseverance is a team sport. And Staff Experience can help you run to win!  The author of Hebrews tells us, “Throw off everything that hinders” (12:1). Many of us may read this verse thinking it relates only to individual sin issues. However, everything about this verse is plural in nature – including how it can refer to our hindered staff teams.

Three ways our teams are hindered:

#1 – Overcommitment

Our ministry teams are filled with brilliant, passionate people who deeply love Jesus and work to fulfill His plan. Many of these staff members (even you?) take on more responsibilities consistently.  Successfully managing responsibilities may impress others and possibly even ourselves, but taking on too much can be a mask that hides feelings of inadequacy. Ultimately, overcommitment can keep an entire team underperforming in vital areasStaff Experience can help you and your teams set boundaries individually and as an organization.

#2 – Shame and Pride

All of us have had experiences we would rather forget, whether we regret a choice of our own or were affected by someone else’s poor choices. Many times, the result is a sense of shame – believing we are bad and cannot be loved or accepted if others truly know us. Shame can often be expressed through pride as a way of keeping others at a distance. It becomes a piece of who we are that makes it hard to run the race. Each of our teams has members who function but secretly struggle because shame holds us back. Staff Experience can help us learn how to embrace healing and move forward.

#3 – Sin

Sin has a grip on individuals and ministry teams. That’s no secret. And praise God that all who believe in Christ are freely justified by His grace!  But what hidden sins may be impacting you and your team? Where do we automatically go when we are anxious, lonely, hurt, or tired? Secret sins keep us in hiding and prevent us from living openly with both God and those with whom we are in communityStaff Experience helps you and your team face and find release from secret sins that can control us, making us less impactful for God’s Kingdom.