Chances are you and your team experience stress in ministry, possibly even thinking about leaving ministry leadership roles altogether. Recent research has shown that 42% of Pastors think about it largely due to seasons of loneliness, isolation, and conflict, all of which can lead to burnout.* But what can be done about it?


Here Are Three Ways You Can Help Your Team Avoid Burnout:


#1 – Help Your Ministry Team Grow Their Capacity For Holding Tension

We are designed to hold tension. It is how God created us. In fact, our bodies work because God designed our skeletal and muscular systems to generate and sustain the tension needed to allow us to sit, walk, jump, eat, and do life. It is the pushing and pulling that holds us together and gives us shape.

Similarly, it is important for ministry teams to grow their capacity for holding tension. Creating environments for your staff to explore stress management, learn healthy coping skills, and be able to unload vulnerably and safely is a first step you can take right now.


#2 – Love Your Team & Help Them Love Others

God created us to live in deep, meaningful relationships with Him and one another. Surely, Jesus and his disciples laughed and enjoyed time together as they balanced the work of ministry leadership. They knew each other personally and professionally.

How well does your staff know you and vice versa? And how well does your staff know those they lead? Feeling loved and known adds value to each of us. We must work to eliminate the barriers that keep us from the relationships God longs for us to have.

#3 – Use Conflict as a Catalyst to Healthy Conversations

Politics often cause division. No secret there. But it is important to remember that the conflict and tension of politics should drive us to healthy discussions and resolutions. This can be applied to any situation big or small, including conflicts in ministry.

Learning how to fully show up with love, grace, and humility as Jesus did is key. We must embrace crucial conversations and stay emotionally connected to navigate political divisiveness in ministry situations. This will breathe life into our ministry teams.