After surveying ministry leadership teams, here are the TOP FIVE THINGS your team would like you to know but may not say:

What Your Team Wishes They Could Tell You…

#1 – Transparency Matters

Things are not always good. You are not always good. Hiding the bad and not being transparent about what is really going on can shatter trust and lead to insecurity in individuals, teams, and churches/organizations. Be as open as possible. If there is something you are choosing not to share, address that you aren’t ready to share details but acknowledge the elephant in the room. 

#2 – Loving Your Team Matters

Genuine encouragement and praise goes a long way. Although your team might receive plenty of “good job” accolades from others, your support – and even the fact that you notice – is important and vital. Be intentional in what you see in them and how each team member’s specific gifting is making an eternal impact in the lives of others. Modeling words of affirmation impacts individuals, motivates them to do their best, and helps them lead others better. 

#3 – Their Families and Lives Matter

Your team’s families might not be on the payroll, but they are also serving your ministry. Keep in mind the effects on spouses and kids who share a vital part of their life with your church/organization. In many cases, you see their loved one more than they do. Consider families often, know them well, sit around tables with them, love them, say thank you to them. And for those team members who may not be married or have children, remember that their lives outside of ministry need healthy boundaries that are not blurred by work demands. Ask them what they love to do and help make sure they have time and energy to enjoy those passions and interests.

#4 – Helping Them Know They Matter Matters

Ask questions to learn about your team, individually and as a group. Do your team members enjoy their roles on the team? Are any team members struggling spiritually or in other ways? Do they feel honored on your staff? Are you missing anything that they are noticing? What are they praying and dreaming about with God? Questions and curiosity are a way to show that you care about an individual for who they are and not just what they do.

#5 – Emotional and Spiritual Health Matters

Prioritize and normalize taking care of your own emotional and spiritual health. Allow wise counselors to speak into the places of your heart no one else gets to see or hear. Use your experience to vulnerably share how God is continuing to shape you, free you, and heal you. This will encourage others that living in bondage hinders us and is not what God intended for those He’s placed in leadership roles.

Your Team Is Only As Good As You Are Honest

Staff Experience can help you and your team walk through the process of being open and honest with each other so that you and your church/organization are operating in healthy ways that will impact eternity.